Biggest Data Breaches

Each of the most recent biggest data breaches resulted in the exposure of huge amounts of personal information and identities

Notable Data Breaches



Score: 10.0
143,000,000 Records

The Equifax malicious outsider breach has a BLI score of 10 based on 143,000,000 records compromised. According to Equifax, cybercriminals "exploited a U.S. website application vulnerability to gain access to certain files." The hackers accessed personal information such as names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, credit card numbers and the numbers of some drivers licenses.

Motor Vehicles Department in Kerala, India


Score: 9.9
200,000,000 Records

The department suffered a data breach by a malicious outsider that led to the theft of 200 million records and rated a BLI score of 9.9. The database maintained by the motor vehicles department was compromised during the attack, and as a result, vehicle registration details were exposed, according to Data and India media publication.

River City Media


Score: 9.8
1,340,000,000 Records

The data breach against the huge email marketing organization resulted in the theft of a staggering 1.34 billion records. This generated a BLI score of 9.8. River City Media failed to safeguard backups of its database of billion email accounts, resulting in all that user information being available for anyone to see, according to an article in Fortune.

Deep Root Analytics/ Republican National Committee


Score: 9.6
198,000,000 Records

Deep Root Analytics, a media firm contracted by the RNC, experienced a data breach involving 198 million records. The breach was an identity theft attack that resulted in the accidental loss of data and rated a BLI score of 9.6. According to Fortune, the breach exposed the personal data of U.S. voters, with more than a terabyte of data stored on a publicly accessible server affected.



Score: 9.1
17,000,000 Records

The restaurant app experienced an account access breach by a malicious outsider that exposed 17 million records, for a BLI score of 9.1. According to Engadget. The attacker infiltrated Zomatos system and got away with 17 million users IDs, usernames, names, email addresses and hashed passwords. The service says no payment information was stolen since credit card details are stored separately.

The National Health Service (NHS)


Score: 9.0
26,000,000 Records

Britains national health services organization experienced an accidental loss breach that involved 26 million records and earned a BLI score of 9.0. The breach exposed the medical records of patients held by 2,700 practices, according to The Telegraph. Millions of patients had no idea if their records had been compromised, and the attack meant that receptionists, clerical staff, healthcare assistants and medics working in pharmacies, hospitals, and other locations could look up sensitive information about individuals, the article said.

Top Scoring Data Breaches

Organization BreachedRecords BreachedDate of BreachType of BreachSource of BreachLocationIndustryRisk Score
JPMorgan Chase83,000,00008/27/14Identity TheftMalicious OutsiderUnited StatesFinancial10.0
Korea Credit Bureau, NH Nonghyup Card, Lotte Card, KB Kookmin Card104,000,00001/20/14Identity TheftMalicious InsiderSouth KoreaFinancial10.0
Equifax143,000,00007/15/17Identity TheftMalicious OutsiderUnited StatesFinancial10.0
Reliance Jio 120,000,00007/10/17Account AccessMalicious OutsiderIndiaTechnology10.0
Target110,000,00011/04/13Financial AccessMalicious OutsiderUnited StatesRetail 10.0
Home Depot109,000,00009/02/14Financial AccessMalicious OutsiderUnited StatesRetail 10.0
MySpace360,000,00006/11/13Account AccessMalicious OutsiderUnited StatesOther10.0
Anthem Insurance Companies (Anthem Blue Cross)78,800,00001/27/15Identity TheftState SponsoredUnited StatesHealthcare10.0
Friend Finder Networks412,214,29510/16/16Existential DataMalicious OutsiderUnited StatesEntertainment10.0
eBay145,000,00005/21/14Identity TheftMalicious OutsiderUnited StatesRetail 10.0

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